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The WHY of LifeGroups

We are a local church of small groups.  Why do we have small groups?, or as we refer to them here at Beacon: LifeGroups.  At Beacon we are convinced and convicted that not only are our LifeGroups a primary vehicle to implement our vision, but there are Biblical reasons for LifeGroups.  What is true about God and what matters to Him that will motivate our efforts in and for LifeGroups?  The following 5 Biblical reasons motivate why we prioritise LifeGroups:

  • Doctrine of the Trinity

  • Metaphors of the church

  • The “one-anothers” of the Bible

  • The way the early church met in homes

  • LifeGroups create a great context for the Great Commandment and Great Commission


The WHAT of LifeGroups

What purposes exactly do we hope our LifeGroups will achieve?  Once again as with our motives (WHY), we want to ensure we gain Biblical purposes.  We want to gain the following 3 WHAT’S in and through our LifeGroups:

  • A place where people can BELONG – Acts 2:42

  • A place to GROW and encountering Jesus together – Acts 2:42

  • A place where we can SERVE one another and our community – 1 Peter 4:10


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