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in love & obedience to Jesus


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holy matrimony

We desire to see marriage flourish in love and obedience to Jesus and hold the belief that God’s design for marriage, as portrayed in the Bible, is that of a sacred covenant between a man and a woman.  Therefore, our Alpha Marriage Preparation Course and other marital courses are designed to assist and enrich your marriage, helping you build a strong base for a fulfilling and enduring relationship, one that reflects Christ.

baby thanksgiving

The arrival of a new baby is a time of rejoicing for any family. Often, during this time, parents want to celebrate their joy with others and present their child to God for blessing.  This special event is what we at Beacon refer to as baby thanksgiving (baby dedication) and can be held either during a Sunday service (preferred option) or at home with family and friends. Sign up for baby thanksgiving HERE.

baby thanksgiving
believer baptism
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believer baptism

New believer’s baptism is a public celebration of your commitment to love and obey Jesus through your new life in Christ. In preparation, we encourage members to partake in the New Believer’s Baptism course specifically designed to aid you in your spiritual formation and provide deeper insight into the Biblical meaning of being baptized as a follower of Jesus our Lord and Saviour.



Our endeavors aim to serve our members with a meaningful Christ-exalting celebration of life for loved ones who have passed away. Here to assist family members even further we can arrange one-on-one grief or pastoral counselling, facilitate workshops or panel discussions for end-of-life planning and preparation. Working closely with well-established funeral services and financial planners to bring this full circle. 

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prayer meetings

prayer meeting
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